The Rio Museum of Art - or MAR, for Museu de Arte do Rio - offers visitors a multi-faceted vision of the history of the city and of its social fabric, symbolic life, conflicts, contradictions, challenges and expectations. The exhibits conjoin the historical and contemporary dimensions of art through short- and long-term shows of national and international scope. MAR also has the mission of making art a part of public education, through its Escola do Olhar (literally, School of Vision).

Situated in Praça Mauá, MAR occupies two interconnected buildings with heterogeneous profiles: the eclectic-style Dom João VI Royal Mansion, which is an official heritage site, and a neighboring modernist building, originally a rail terminal. The mansion houses the Museum's exhibit halls, while the neighboring building is home to the Escola do Olhar, an environment conceived to stimulate collective and personal experiences, with a primary focus on training public school educators.

The architectural design of MAR was made by Bernardes + Jacobsen, a firm based in Rio de Janeiro. The Museum's 15,000 square meters (160,000 sq ft) includes the Escola do Olhar; areas for technical support, guest services and reception; and eight exhibit halls, the latter occupying a total area of roughly 4,000 square meters (over 43,000 sq ft) divided over four floors. The two buildings is joined by a plaza, a glass-enclosed walkway and a fluid, wave-shaped covering - evoking the flowing lines of an architect's pen - that draws the two structures into a harmonious whole.

The visit is made from up do down. The visitors go to the last floor of Escola do Olhar, where there is a roof with a beautiful Port Area?s view. From there, they have access to the exhibition halls. The last floor is dedicated to Rio de Janeiro and there are always exhibitions dedicated to it. The other three floors have expositions with multiple subjects that last approximately three months each. The MAR website has the complete schedule.

As a proactive space that supports education, MAR works in partnership with the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Secretariat of Education and other educational departments. In collaboration with universities, an academic program works at the Escola do Olhar, centered on discussions of art, the culture of images, education and curatorial practice. The museum has a program with educative visits for students of private and public schools, associations and multiple groups. They happen from Tuesday to Saturday in established hours between 9h30 and 15h. To schedule a visit is necessary to send an email to or call to (+55 21) 3031 2742.


Adress: Praça Mauá, 5, Centro, Rio de Janeiro

Hours of operation: From Wednesday to Sunday, from 10 to 18(tickets for sale until 17h and access to the halls until 17h15). During the summer the museum will work until 20h every Tuesday (tickets for sale until 19h and access to the halls until 19h15).

Tickets: R$8,00 full price, R$4,00 half price and free every Tuesday.

Restaurant: From Tuesday to Thursday, from12h to 17h, and from Friday to Sunday, from 12 to 20h. Coffee house: Same hours of operation as the museum

There is no parking lot.

Last update in May 2012