New development opportunities

The Porto Maravilha project will revitalize Rio de Janeiro’s Port Region and integrate it back into the city through infrastructure works and the provision of quality public services. The re-urbanization process takes into account a projected growth in the area’s population from the current figure of 28,000 to 100,000 by 2020. But a city is not just a physical structure. First and foremost, it is a place where people make a way of life and shape their history.

Transformations to this area of five million square meters (over 1,200 acres) will respect and preserve the region’s identity and characteristics. Porto Maravilha wants to ensure that the public benefits from this revitalization effort and enjoys an improved quality of living, without having to leave the area.

Municipal Statute 101/2009, which created Porto Maravilha, stipulates that the government must implement initiatives to foster social and economic development for the people that live in the area today. With this in mind, the City of Rio’s Port Region Urban Development Company, CDURP, designed the Porto Maravilha Cidadão Program, which focuses on citizenship and social issues within the port zone.

Socially inclusive revitalization and public participation

Porto Maravilha Cidadão prepares people for the new opportunities that will ensue from the changes now underway. In partnership with other government agencies and with social organizations and private enterprise, the program supports and promotes socioeconomic development initiatives that value creative industry and foster gender and ethnic equity.

Some examples of such efforts now in progress are professional training courses, support for affordable housing, incentives for micro and small businesses, environmental education activities, and the promotion of dialogue with the public. As complements to the Porto Maravilha project, the Porto Maravilha Cidadão and Porto Maravilha Cultural programs show that it is feasible to recover degraded urban spaces while building a city that respects culture, history and the environment and that treats all of its citizens ever more justly.

Key lines of action

Dialogue with the public
Ongoing dialogue with the region's neighborhood associations and civil organizations is a form of accountability, one that allows constant improvements to be made to Porto Maravilha projects and endeavors.

Initiatives in support of micro and small businesses

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Last update: 24/01/2013