The My Porto Maravilha exhibit hall invites visitors on a journey through the history of the Port Region - its past, today's transformations and moving into the future. Located on Rua Barão de Tefé, the facility covers 585 square meters (nearly 6,300 sq ft) and can receive sixty guests an hour for this introduction to the Porto Maravilha project. Admission is free, and the organizers - Porto Novo Consortium and the Rio de Janeiro Port Region Urban Development Company (CDURP) - expect to receive 180,000 visitors during the first year of operation.

Meu Porto Maravilha

The interactive exhibit hall, which occupies a floor space of 283 square meters (3,000 sq ft), engages the public through innovative, intuitive high technology. Using a 22-meter (70-ft) multi-touch screen - the largest in Brazil - visitors can access information on all the changes taking place in the port zone, depicted in the form of maps, infographics, photographs and videos of current works and future prospects. Options are organized by topics, such as railway system or environment, and the big screen contains a layer of dynamic graphic particles that are programmed to accompany the visitor's hand movements.

At an interactive table, the history of the city is told from the focal point of the Port Region. Another table, in the shape of a map of the Porto Maravilha area of projects and services, displays changes to the road system. The map will soon feature community, cultural and architectural facilities as well, along with planned real estate development projects like the Olympic Port. The project's financial design is also explained in this hall - for example, the sale of Certificates of Potential Additional Construction (CEPACs) and the investment of all project funds directly in the region.

Meu Porto Maravilha

Architectural design respected sidewalks and landscaping already in the area and also took accessibility into account, providing handrails, access ramps, antiskid flooring and wheelchair accessible restrooms. The Porto Maravilha project places an emphasis on creating room for community and as part of it, My Porto Maravilha has adopted this concept, which means in addition to the exhibit hall the facility will also have a cafeteria, scheduled to open shortly. Exhibits will be updated regularly so that visitors can accompany the progress of works and services.


Admission: free

Address: Avenida Barão de Tefé, on the corner of Avenida Venezuela, neighborhood of Saúde

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm (open holidays)

Guided tours to Valongo Wharf, the Hanging Garden of Valongo and the Guardhouse, at 11 am and 4 pm daily; schedule by email